1. Cremona
  2. Fratello
  3. Manahttan
  4. Limelite
  5. 7-String
  6. La Venezia
  7. Americana
  8. Renaissance Series – II Fiorentino, II Palissandro
  9. The Benny Electric
  10. Kenny Burell


1.Dreadnoughts – D1, D2, D2H, DS2H, D3

2. Orchestra – OM-1, OM-2, OM-2H, 000-2H, OM-3

3. Baby

4. Small Jumbo

5. C – C10, C10 Deluxe

6. CJ – Jumbo

7.  Archtops – 16, 17, 18

8.  Gruhn Flat Tops


  1. Style A – A-1
  2. Style B
  3. New Yorker
  4. Excel
  5. Excel Special
  6. G-7


Archtop Models

  1. New Yorker Special 17” wide
  2. New Yorker Deluxe 18”wide
  3. Excel
  4. New Yorker Classic
  5. Avant Garde – Solo , Centura, Advance


Mandolins, Mandolas and Mandocellos

Ornamental Options – Standard, Artist, Basic, Classical

  1. Model  5
  2. Model  4
  3. Model  3
  4. Model  2
  5. Model  1


  1. Model 16
  2. Model 17
  3. Model 18



  1. Style F/M – 1
  2. Style B
  3. Baby Grand
  4. Radio Flyer

Archtop Guitars

  1. Eclipse
  2. Hot Club Model A
  3. Radio City
  4. Radio Flyer
  5. Grand Artist

Flat Top Guitars

  1. Hot Club Model F
  2. Hexaphone


  1. Master 400
  2. Master 300
  3. G-1
  4. G-3, G-3 Cutaway

Allen Guitars

Andersen Stringed Instruments

Arpeggio Korina Guitars

Axtra Custom Guitars Inc.

B. Hefner Co

Bacorn Custom Guitars and Mandolins

Beck’s Guitar Specialty Services

Benavente Guitars

Benedict Guitars

Bob’s Bass Stringed Instrument Shop

Breedlove Guitar Co.

Brian Moore Custom Guitars

Burns Guitars

Callaham Guitars

Charles Fox Guitars

Curbow String Instruments

Dart Instruments

Dingwall Designer Guitars

DM Guitars

Dot On Shaft

Doolin Guitars

Driskill Guitars

Dudenbostel Stringed Instruments

Elrick Bass Guitars

ESP Guitars

EVD String Instruments

Fichter Electric Upright Basses

Fodera Guitars Inc.

Fontanilla Guitars

Foster Guitars

Fury Guitars


Gardner Guitars

Girl Brand Guitars

GMP Guitars

Godin Guitars

Gosden Guitars

GR Basses

Graham Parker

Graden Guitar Shop

Granata Guitars

Grosh Guitars

Guitar Workshop, Inc.

Gus Guitars

Hanewinckel Guitars

Harvey Citron Enterprises

Hoffman Guitars

Ithaca Guitar Works

J.Ramsay Fine Guitars

James Goodall Guitars

James North, Luthier and Guitar Maker

James R. Baker Archtop Guitars

Jarcos Custom Guitars

Jean Larrivee Guitars Ltd.

JJ Guitars

John Briggs Custom Guitars

John Monteleone Instruments

Klein Electric Guitars

Koll Guitars

Lakewood Guitars

Lakland Basses

Lindert Guitars, Inc.

Lyndsay Wilson Guitars

Manne Guitars

Manzer Guitars

Marchione Guitars

Mark Johnson Guitar Engineering

Mark Lacey Guitars

Matt Pulcinella Guitars

McPherson Guitars

Mermer Guitars

Messenger Upright Electric Bass

Michael Tobias Design (MTD)

Mike Lull’s Custom Guitars

Modulus Guitars


Northwood Guitars

Oribe Guitars

Parker Guitars

Patrick Eggle Guitars



Pimentel Sons Guitar Makers

Read Custom Instrument

Reverend Musical Instruments

Rick Turner Guitars

Robin Guitars

Running Dog Guitars

Sadowsky Guitars, Ltd.

Saint Blues

Santa Cruz Guitar Company

SB MacDonald Custom Instruments

Schroder Musical Instruments

Scipio Guitars


Spruce Hill Guitars

Stuart Spector Design Ltd.

Stump Preacher Guitars

Suhr Guitars

Tacoma Guitars

Timm Guitars

Timtone Custom Guitars

Tortorici Guitars

Traphagen Guitars



Warr Guitars



Webber Guitars

Wings Guitars

Zachary Handcrafted Guitars


Zon Guitars


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