Fender History

Leo Fender started the Fender Musical Instrument Company in Fullerton CA, in 1946.  Leo Fender was an accomplished electronics technician.  He began by making amplifiers and lap steel guitars.  The lap steel guitars were made using a pick up that he patented.  His first success was with his Tweed Amps.  The Tweed amps were cloth covered and ranged from 3 to 75 watts.   Around 1950 Leo Fender made about 50 electric Spanish guitars that were one pick up Telecaster style guitars.  These guitars were called Esquires.  They had no truss rod, and no skunk stripe on the back of the neck.  In 1951 he introduced the Broadcaster, a two pick up guitar that eventually became known as the Telecaster.  The Broadcaster and the Telecaster both had maple necks.  Leo Fender invented and pioneered the electric bass guitar that revolutionized music.  1954 he introduced the Fender Stratocaster with contoured body, three pick ups and built in vibrato.  The Stratocaster was the most popular and influential guitar ever and remains so today.  In 1965 Leo Fender sold the company to CBS.  For the next 20 years Fender grew into a huge company, but…quality suffered because of it.  In 1985 Fender was sold and the new focus of the company was to build the finest guitars and amplifiers in the world.  They carry on that tradition today.

Fender Stratocaster Colors

Fiesta Red      1958-1969

Olympic White     1958-1980

Gold Metallic      1958-1959

Lake Placid Blue Metallic      1958-1959

Dakota Red     1958-1969

Black      1958-1984

Daphne Blue     1960-1965

Shoreline Gold Metallic      1959-1965

Burgundy Mist Metallic     1960-1965

Foam Green     1960-1969

Inca Silver Metallic     1960-1965

Shell Pink     1960-1963

Sherwood Green Metallic     1960-1965

Sonic Blue     1960-1972

Surf Green     1960-1965

Candy Apple Red Metallic     1963-1973

Blue Ice Metallic     1965-1969

Charcoal Frost Metallic     1965-1969

Firemist Silver Metallic     1965-1971

Firemist Gold Metallic     1965-1771

Ocean Turquoise Metallic      1965-1971

Teal Green Metallic      1965-1969

Blond        April 1970-1982

Natural       1972-1982


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